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The First Day Of Autumn

posted Sep 25, 2010, 1:08 PM by Tammy Duensing
I had quite a surprise on Thursday night when I came home from my production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. I went out to the barn to check on the babies I already had and found another one out there! So needless to say, at midnight I was out there doing cria care. She is a little darker than Prince and has awesome fiber. Her mother, Vidalia, is a devoted mom even though she is a light milker. This is a cria I will gladly help bottle feed! Her sire is Laredo (yes, another girl for Laredo! I can't believe it!) Of course Prince keeps pestering her wanting to play and she is too young and Allegra keeps stepping in the middle of them acting like a big sister. Its going to be quite a fun fall around here! I am anxiously awaiting Roadie to have her cria next. Talk to you soon, Tammy